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FOKKER ev / d viii 1918

The project comprised the construction of a small series of 5 wings for this aircraft type from 1918. Our replicas are based on plans drawn up mainly by Mr. Langdon Badger, to whom the first wing was also delivered. Designed in typical Fokker style as a self-supporting high wing, this type of construction became a prototypical model for all further Fokker aircraft. For the first time in a reconstruction of this type of aircraft, an attempt was made here to reconstruct not only the aerodynamic design but also the construction method as accurately as possible.

With a final weight of the finished wing of 76.5kg compared to the original weight of 73kg, this seems to have been successful. The extra weight is due to changes made by an additional aileron spar and thicker planking of the aileron, which were necessary for certification reasons.

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