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Albatros D II / III

Due to our great experience in the construction of this type of aircraft, we were commissioned to build 2 airframes of D II and one D III in the design as built in 1917 at the Albatroswerke Berlin Johannisthal. This aircraft type is historically very significant not only because of its outstanding role as a fighter plane for the German Air Force but also because it was one of the first aircraft to use glue as a structural connecting element in its construction.

The family resemblance between the D II and D III allowed for a fairly rational construction method for the fuselages and tail units, while the controls and the wing structure were manufactured according to the respective type.

The customer demanded a reproduction with the greatest possible similarity to the original.

The only deviation is the use of a modern glue necessary for certification reasons, all other material specifications correspond to the original requirements of 1917.

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