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Austro Daimler aircraft engine

This Austro Daimler aircraft engine of the series 23000, Wknr: 23279, is one of only 7 pieces worldwide, which has been preserved. It is being overhauled and brought into airworthy condition within the framework of the Hansa Brandenburg CI project and in cooperation with competent companies and under the supervision of Austro Control. Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to assign the engine number 23279 to a specific aircraft, but on the basis of the serial number it can be assumed that it was delivered in July 1918.

As far as operational safety allows, it is claimed that the restoration should be as true to the original as possible, using all original parts. The result of the initial inspection showed that this engine had already undergone an overhaul and had been fitted with high compression pistons.

Damage to a connecting rod bearing obviously led to the engine being taken out of service. Apart from that, no damage could be found. Due to the very good and complete state of preservation, it was possible to gain a lot of knowledge not only about the technology, but also about the external appearance, and to translate this into a very authentic restoration.

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