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Hansa Brandenburg CI series 29

Constructed in 1915 for the160 hp engine, this aircraft type was built by various companies. For the aviation

troops up until 1918. About 1200 units were produced being equipped for all conceivable tasks. Even after the end

of the war, some examples were still being used and built in the successor states of the Danube Monarchy.

This made the CI by far the most widely built aircraft type of the Imperial and Royal Air Force.

The engine size was constantly increased and some series had the more powerful 240 hp engine power. The CI

built by us corresponds to a variant produced by the Phönix Flugzeugwerke in Vienna Stadlau in a series of 40

between 4 July and 19 October 1917, equipped with an Austro Daimler four-valves per cylinder engine of 210 hp.

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