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Aesthetically extremely appealing, propellers must also fulfil precise and specific technical

conditions. The requirements for construction, material and design are very tight.

Drawings for propellers are very rare to find and so in most cases an original must be found

and measured in order to create the necessary drawings and templates from it.

German AXIAL propeller for Oberursel 110 HP

English Lang type 4040 propeller for Bentley 230 hp

Austrian Knoller Jaray propeller for Austro Daimler 225 HP

German Heine propeller for Gnome 100 HP

German Heine for Daimler F7502 (Klemm 20)

German Axial for Mercedes D3a

Austrian Asboth for Ausstrodaimler 225 HP

Austrian wage earner for Ausstrodaimler 225 HP

Swedish Tuhlin for 80 HP Le Rhone

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