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The two-seater C Class aircraft of the Rumplerwerke were one of the most successful designs for the German air force in World War 1.


Ordered in February 1917 under order number 1463/17, and with serial number 2693, this aircraft having been delivered in August 1917 for service with Fliegerabteilung Fl.Abt. 224, got shot down after only a short service life, on the 11th September 1917.


Due to the extensive destruction and advanced corrosion of the metal parts, restoration to an airworthy condition was impossible.

The aim of this restoration was the reconstruction and building of a complete aircraft including all existing original parts. With no original factory drawings existing, this made it necessary to create all the required drawings. After a review and inventory of the existing parts had taken place, along with the drawing out of dimensions, a computer-generated model was created, from which in turn, production documents were produced. All original parts were documented before restoration took place.

Since airworthiness is not required for a museum restoration, the historically proven glues and paints could be used. Paint samples were taken from all remnants of the fabric covering and analysed in order to be able to correctly reproduce the camouflage painting.

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